Nyb fume exhauster size 12 gfe frp chemical exhaust fan


Subject: Nyb fume exhauster size 12 gfe frp chemical exhaust fan
NEW New York Blower NYB Fume Exhauster Size 12 GFE Non-Metalic Fiberglass Chemical Fume Scrubber Exhaust Blower Fan 3hp .
For the factory web page on FUME EXHAUSTERS click the link below.
Best we can tell, this unit was installed but then never used. There is absolutely no sign on the blades that we can see of material ever having been drawn through it (see next two images).
Based on our experience we think this should move about 1200 CFM at 6" WC.
The outlet is about 9 by 14 inches. The inlet is about 12" diameter.
Raw weight is about 300 pounds.
Additional similar items may be listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your chemical fume exhaust blower fan application.
Condition looks new, never used but was installed.
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Listing description is correct to the best of our knowledge
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