Novellus novascan 372 ild cmp


Subject: Novellus novascan 372 ild cmp
372M Polisher Mainframe S/N 251 Novascan Model 210 Thickness Measurement system 32 bit Hardware Upgrade (Adtron Thincard system) SECS I/II Host Computer Interface Floppy Drive Printer/Terminal Interface Software Software-Controlled Process Variables with Hi/Low Limits Dual Sensor Loadcup SFI Load Station Sensor RFK Gaard Arm pad conditioner 7.5 hp Final Platen Drive System 750 lb. Down-Force Polisher Arm Closed-Loop Load Cell Down-Force Control High-Pressure Primary Polish Station, TUFRAM-Coated Platen 60 psi rating Final Polish Station, TUFRAM-Coated Platen 1000 mL Flow Slurry Pumps (2 Primary - 2 Final) Wafer Carrier Speeds (10-125 rpm) Platen Speed (10-175 rpm) Head Clean Station Quick-Dump Rinse Unit Clean Station Float Sensor Capacitance Level Sensor for Polish Tub Slurry Manifold - BECO Valves DI Manifold - BECO Valves PRi compatible environmental hood Moisture Sensor in Fluids Cabinet and System Base Interfaced Process Chilled Water Temp Gauges and Flow Meters Fluids Cabinet Exhaust, AWN Interface - Underneath Mushroom-style Emergency Machine Off (EMO) Buttons Electrical Cabinet Removed from service in operational condition. This item is being sold as-is, where-is with no warranty implied.
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