Nortel st micro bare die transimpedance amplifier-AB89


Subject: Nortel st micro bare die transimpedance amplifier-AB89
Here up for sale is one lot of 6728 pieces of brand new unused surplus bare die. Originally was made by Nortel/ST Micro Electronics. Product # is A0805735 (QMV1155A-A) or product name is AB89A2R-RF 2.5 Gb/s Transimpedance Amplifier. Comes sealed in the original packaging. The date code is E0104 and includes a 6 inch die diameter with carrier strips on each side of the die.
Features include the following:
Single +3.3 volt power supply operation, input noise current=330 nA rms when used with a .5 pF detector, Transimpedance gain=2.5k ohm-(differential), on-chip automatic gain control gives input current overload of 2.6 mA pk and max output voltage swing of 300mV, Differential 50 ohm outputs, bandwidth -3 dB, DC to 2.5 GHz, wide data rate range=50 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s, Constant photodiode reverse bias voltage=1.5 volt (anode to input, cathode to VCC), photodiode may be anode or cathode connected, external decoupling only required, -40 degree C to +125 degree C junction temperature operation, available as bare die, manufactured using a high yield silicon bipolar process.