Norland bottle water line for sale


Subject: Norland bottle water line for sale
Complete Automatic Bottle Water Line, Speeds up to 50 BPM
Norland Empty Bottle Infeed Section
Norland Bottle Rinser, Model BR-3000, Pnuematically Operated, Stainless Steel Construction, Adjustable Bottle Size, High Pressure Water Jet Rinse Cycle, Automatic Bottle Detection
Norland Bottle Filler and Capper, Model # FC1100, Size Range from 335 Ml up to 2 Liter, Speeds up to 50 BPM, Capper set for 28mm Plastic Screw Closures, PLC Controller, Inline Stainless Steel Conveyor, Automatic Bottle Detection
Norland Full Wrap Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Automatic Bottle Detection, Low Label Detection, Automatic Web Feed, Full Wrap Roll Station, Adjustable Speed Contol, Base Stand
Norland Complete Conveyor System, Stainless Steel Construction Design, Plastic Table Top Bottle Feed Chain, Variable Speed Drive(s), Adjustable Side Rails
Video of Line Running Available Upon Request !!