Nikon diaphot-200/300 fl microscope attachment, 2 cubes


Subject: Nikon diaphot-200/300 fl microscope attachment, 2 cubes
Nikon Fluorescence attachment for the Diaphot-200 and Diaphot-300 models, including:
90145 - Epi-Fluorescence cassette, holds up to 3 filter cubes, including box assembly to cover and protect filter cubes
90131 - Diaphot-200/300 Epi-Fluorescence attachment, including right angle design for easy lamphouse focus and alignment adjustments, adjustable field diaphragm, high UV transmission for FURA-2, manual shutter slider, and 2 ND filters
78593 - HBO 100W Power supply with power cord
78589 - NEW HBO100W/2 mercury bulb
41001 - HQ FITC (RSGFP/Bodipy/Fluo-3/DiO) filter cube, HQ480/40x exciter, HQ535/50m emitter. The exciter is burned out, and can be replaced for $250
41002A - HQ TRITC (Rhodamine) filter cube, HQ535/50x exciter, HQ620/60m emitter
Other filter cubes can be purchased as needed for $550 - $750, contact me for more info. This unit functions well and includes the Instruction Manual for operation. I worked for Nikon for 20 years, so I can assist with installation over the phone if necessary. Very good condition (except FITC cube as noted), satisfaction guaranteed or return for refund. Listed for $6874.