Nidek im-800M wafer inspection system


Subject: Nidek im-800M wafer inspection system
Nidek IM-800M IC Microscope Inspection System
The Nidek IM-800M is a wafer inspection microscope system that meets various kinds of needs to inspect many wafers cleanly with high throughput.
(1) High throughput (macro inspection, micro inspection, and macro-micro inspection)
(2) Non-contact alignment (centering and notch alignment can be performed without touching outer regions of the wafer; quick and accurate wafer centering is achieved by centering the wafer when it is picked out of the carrier and when the notch is detected)
(3) Clean Inspection (by use of the downflow, both sides of the wafers are kept clean during the wafer transfer)
(4) Applications with various kinds of microscopes (microscope NOT included)
(5) Can be used as a Review Station
Wafer size - - 125mm, 150mm, 200mm (SEMI or JEIDA standard)
Carrier - - 3/16", 1/4" pitch carrier
Dimensions - - 1440mm (W) x 930mm (D) (without projection)
A. Elevator: driving method - DC motor; position detecting - rotary encoder; function - - selectable setting for oader and unloader (such as presence/absence of carrier, presence/absence of wafer, wafer protrusion)
B. Manipulator: driving method - X axis (DC servo motor), Y axis (stepping motor), Z axis (stepping motor)
C. Rotation Arm: driving method - DC motor, stepping motor; position checking sensor: photosensor; function: manipulator - macro inspection stage - micro inspection stage
D. OF (Notch) Detecting Device: detecting wafer - orientation flat or notch wafer; light source - LED; detection sensor - SPD; accuracy of alignment - 0.1 degree
E. Wafer Centering: Pre-alignment: method - the decentering amount is detected by non-contact system when the wafer is picked out of the carrier; light source - LED; detection sensor: photosensor; accuracy of centering - 2mm; Main alignment: detection sensor - the decentering amount is detected at the OF detecting device; accuracy of centering - 30 micrometers; function - the detected decentering amount is corrected at the micro inspection stage by using X and Y coordinates
The IM-800 can be used with the following microscopes (or compatibles);