New zygo view 100 maxim gp interferometer microscope


Subject: New zygo view 100 maxim gp interferometer microscope
Zygo NewView 100 Maxim GP Interferometer Microscope
Zygo NewView 100 Maxim GP Interferometer Microscope
INCLUDES: Computer, 5-Axis motorized stage, controller, and 2.5x objective. Sold as pictured less table. We are selling HARDWARE ONLY. These have the Unix computers. SOLD AS-IS.
Zygo Nu-View 100 3D Imaging Surface Structure Analyzer. Note that software or a software license may be required to be purchased directly from the Zygo. We are selling hardware only. All componets match except the optical box. We know that Seagate used them this way so if you know how these work you should be able to get it running.
We have many of these units. We are selling as-is but if you wish to purchase two or more units to increase chances of getting a working system then let us know and we'll discount the price.
Interferometry is a traditional technique in which a pattern of bright and dark lines (fringes) result from an optical path difference between a reference and a sample beam. The incoming light is split inside an interferometer, one beam going to an internal reference surface and the other to the sample. After reflection, the beams recombine inside the interferometer, undergoing constructive and destructive interference and producing the light and dark fringe pattern. A precision translation stage and a CCD camera together generate a 3D interferogram of the object that is stored in the computer memory. This 3D interferogram of the object is then transformed by frequency domain analysis into a quantitative 3D image providing surface structure analysis.
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