New ysi 556 multiprobe system


Subject: New ysi 556 multiprobe system
3 years on display, 1 year on cable & probes
Our Sales Price: $2,199.00 YSI List Price: $2,700.00
* DO, Temp, Conductivity probes
* Carrying Case (soft-sided)
* DO Cap membrane kit (6 ea. with electrolyte)
Probes: pH probe - $165 Combination pH/ORP probe - $255
Cables: Add $89 for 10 meter cable instead of 4 meter cable
OR Add $169 for 20 meter cable instead of 4 meter cable.
Rechargeable Battery Kit: with fast charge feature
Extra Membrane Kits (6 ea. caps + electrolyte) $38
Barometer: Internal barometer can be user-calibrated and displayed along with other data, used in dissolved oxygen calibrations, and logged to memory for tracking changes in barometric pressure. $210
Flow Cell: used for Groundwater Sampling $289
Rugged, reliable and waterproof, the YSI 556 MPS combines the versatility of an easy-to-use, easy-to-read handheld unit with all the functionality of a multiparameter system.
Featuring a waterproof IP-67, impact-resistant case, the YSI 556 MPS simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature, and ORP. The YSI 556 MPS assists the user in conforming to GLP standards.
· Field-replaceable DO electrode modules; pH and pH/ORP probes
· Easy-to-use, screw-on cap DO membranes
· RS-232 and Compatible with EcowatchTM for WindowsTM data analysis software
· User-upgradable software from YSI website
· Stores over 49,000 data sets, time and date stamped
. Graphing feature to display graphs of parameters over time
. Multiple language capabilities