New yanmar SV08-01 mini excavator canopy sv 08


Subject: New yanmar SV08-01 mini excavator canopy sv 08
Full Specs.
Hydraulic hoses are housed under the cylinders for protection from accidental damage.
Boom cylinder and hydraulic hoses are covered for protection.
2 Drive pedals and swing control pedal.
Track rollers have an external flange which reduces the vibration during traveling.
Large opening engine hood and removable side frame cover provide easy accesibility for maintanence.
Maneuvers through gaps of only 2ft-4in(700mm) with a vehicle width of only 2ft-3in(680mm)(Minimum track width)
The width of the Yanmar SV08 reduces to only 2ft-3in(680mm).
The blade hydraulic cylinder is covered by a protective shield.
The variable undercarriage allows the left and right tracks to raise and lower independently to correct the machine's angle on slopes or steps.
The many easy to use features include the comfortable seat with retractable seat belt, sensitive lever controls, a footrest, and uncomplicated lever arrangement.