New yanmar C50R-3A track dump truck carrier canopy


Subject: New yanmar C50R-3A track dump truck carrier canopy
Full Specs.
The right corner of the machine has been lowered to improve visibility and safety.
The normal blind spot on the front right of large machines is minimized to ensure a broad view from the operator station
ROPS / FOPS cabin or canopy with seat belt protects against operator injury.
When reversing, the warning buzzer sounds automatically.
The platform in front of the engine hood permits easy inspection and servicing access to the engine.
The travel lever is hydraulic pilot type. There is no need to adjust the stroke or play as you would do with the mechanical lever.
The height and width of the operator's area allows comfortable and easy operation. An air conditioner is also available for the cabin as an option.
Travel is locked by raising the safety lever. The machine will not move even if the travel lever is touched by mistake.