New welch allyn atlas vital signs patient monitor


Subject: New welch allyn atlas vital signs patient monitor
Advanced surgical techniques, new anesthetics, the need to lower healthcare costs ... they're all pointing toward more outpatient surgeries and procedures in hospitals, surgicenters, and physician offices. They also point to the need for a dedicated, first-rate conscious sedation monitor.
Introducing the Welch Allyn Atlas monitor, the first vital signs monitor specifically designed to monitor patients during conscious sedation and IV anesthesia procedures. Conscious sedation monitoring has finally become more efficient, more convenient, and more affordable.
* A lean, practical, hard-working instrument with the flexibility to configure the monitor to fit your needs.
* All models include ECG, pulse oximetry, and non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP).
* Large, bright LED readouts and crisp waveform displays for "across-the-room" visibility.
* Intuitive design allows users to learn how to operate the monitor in just minutes.
* Lightweight and portable; can be set on a cart or countertop, wheeled on its own dedicated mobile stand, mounted on a wall, or carried using the integrated side handle.