New warming cabinet alto-shaam slow cook & hold ss


Subject: New warming cabinet alto-shaam slow cook & hold ss
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Alto-Shaam Warming Cabinet Halo Heat Slow Cook & Hold 120LB cap 1000-TH-I/HD/PT With Passthrough, Many More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Alto-Shaam - Model: 1000-TH-I/HD/PT
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Alto-Shaam Warming Cabinet Halo Heat Slow Cook & Hold 120LB cap 1000-TH-I/HD/PT
With Passthrough, Many More Models Available Below
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Alto-Shaam cook and hold ovens are built to unwavering standards utilizing an electric thermal cable wrapped around the entire cooking and holding chamber. This element creates a gentle blanket or halo of radiant heat surrounding food with a uniform temperature and no air movement inside the oven cavity. This patented method of low temperature cooking, called Halo Heat preserves the natural product moisture. This eliminates the use of drying fans inside the oven for heat distribution and humidity pans to compensate for the drying effects of fans. Alto-Shaam low temperature cook and hold ovens require no outside venting or oven hoods, a major cost factor in any kitchen. With only one-third to one-half the energy consumption of a standard convection or deck oven, labor-saving set-and-forget controls, you'll see a return on your investment within a very short time. To prove our superior quality is indeed a value, we back our ovens with an unprecedented 5-year warranty on all cook and hold heating elements.
1000-TH-I LOW TEMPERATURE COOKING & HOLDING OVENS Oven controls feature two (2) ON/OFF switches; two (2) cook thermostats, 100° to 325°F (38° to 163°C); two (2) hold thermostats, 60° to 200°F (16° to 93°C); and two (2) twelve-hour cooking timers. Control panel includes two (2) cooking indicator lights, and two (2) holding indicator lights.
This item has many features and benefits including :
* HALO HEAT& a controlled, uniform heat source that gently cooks, holds and surrounds foods for better appearance, taste, and longer holding life.
* Cooks, roasts and holds meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, casseroles, vegetables, and reheats frozen convenience foods in the same cabinet.
- Cooking 100° to 325°F (38° to 163°C)
- Holding 60° to 200°F (16° to 93°C)
* Reduces product shrinkage.
* Induces natural enzyme action in meat for tenderizing.
* Retains more product moisture, flavor, and minerals.
* Provides uniform and consistent cooking, day after day.
* Reduces labor and evens-out work loads.
* Non-magnetic stainless steel interior, side racks, and wire shelves resist corrosion.
* No oven hoods or outside venting required (most areas).
* No fire extinguisher system required.
Two (2) separately controlled oven compartments enclosed in one exterior cabinet. Exterior of 22 gauge stainless steel. Two (2) 18 gauge, nonmagnetic stainless steel doors with magnetic door latch. Stainless steel wire shelves, side racks, and drip pans are removable for easy cleaning. The oven includes an external drip tray with removable pan, one (1) full-perimeter bumper, and one (1) set of 5" (127mm) heavy duty casters -2 rigid, and 2 swivel with brake.
* 208v/60/1, 6000w, 28.8amps (No cord & Plug)
* 240v/60/1, 5200w, 21.6amps (No cord & Plug)
* 220v/50/1, 4400w, 20amps. (No cord & Plug)
Slo Cook & Hold Oven, pass-thru, electric, double deck, standard depth, thermostatic controls, on casters, heavy duty stainless steel construction with solid doors
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