New vulcan endurance range G36L


Subject: New vulcan endurance range G36L
Vulcan Endurance Range NEW G36L
■ Stainless steel front, sides, back riser, high shelf and 6"
■ Six 32,000 BTU/hr. patented porcelainized, cast burners
■ Center mounted pilots with “focused flame burner system.
■ High turn down ratio burner system for simmering.
■ 12" x 12" front and 12" x 14" back, porcelainized cast grates with built-in aeration bowl.
■ Deep depth rear grates for stock pots.
■ Front mounted gas shut-off valve for top burners.
■ Patented rapid clean stainless steel basin under burners.
■ Patented quick disconnect burner system for easy cleaning.
■ High temperature cool touch burner knobs.
■ 35,000 BTU/hr. standard oven measures 241/2" d x 131/2" h x 26" w. Thermostat adjusts from Low to 550°F.
■ One oven rack and two positions.
■ Porcelainized removable oven liners and bottom panel.
■ Heavy duty door design with no adjustment required integrated hinge/spring mechanism.
■ Cool touch ergonomically designed oven door handle.
■ 6" plate landing shelf.
■ Fully enclosed high shelf for easy cleaning.
■ 3/4" rear gas connection and pressure regulator.
■ One year limited parts and labor warranty.
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