New vitamix blending frozen drinks smoothies pbs 1502


Subject: New vitamix blending frozen drinks smoothies pbs 1502
Portion Blending Systemâ„¢ The Ultimate Frozen Cocktail / Smoothie Machine
* FAST! One-button simplicity. Easily programmed to make up to 4 drinks (up to 60 oz. / 1.8L) at one time. Or create your own programs right from the touch pad.
* Precise! Holds 5 gallons (22.5L) of ice and dispenses exact amounts of shaved ice by weight for a perfect frozen drink every time.
* Versatile! Use any mix with ice plus ingredients to create perfectly blended frozen drinks.
* Reliable! Designed and built for worry-free operation. No technicians or tools needed for adjustments or cleaning. No calibration, ever!
* User friendly! Easy to operate with state-of-the-art electronics.
* Drinks are blended, not just stirred, but homogenized. You can taste the difference.
* Automatically alerts user to low ice conditions.
* Safety interlock prevents injury; shaver will not run unless cover is in place.
* Expand your menu and market your company by offering unique signature drinks that can only be made with a Portion Blending System.
Blender Motor: 2 peak motor horsepower
Shaver Motor: .25 peak motor horsepower permanent magnet motor
Dimensions - 27 1/2"H (69.85 cm) x 14 3/4"W (37.47 cm) x 16-1/2"D (41.91 cm)
1 per standard pack, 58 lbs. (26.1 kg.) 7.5 cu.ft. (21 cu.m) 120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 amps