New vastech v-22 rapid access film processor sold


Subject: New vastech v-22 rapid access film processor sold
EZ-14, V-14 And V-22 Rapid Access Processors V-22The Vastech Rapid Access processors offer a combination of quality, low operating cost, high dependability, and easy operation and maintenance. They will develop RC material, rapid access line and halftone films, continuous tone film, contact material, Kodak HN laser film and other materials ensuring high resolution with sharp and uniform density output. The daylight loader shown in the picture offers daylight operation and will accept any known phototypesetting manufacturers take up cassettes. Feed shelf for feeding sheet material is also available. Standard Features:Unique transport design processes all materials in a straight through path eliminating roller wraps, scratches and bends. Spring-loaded sprockets, engaged to the drive chain, function as a clutch eliminating any damage to drive components such as sprockets, drive pins, drive motor, etc. Chemical Recirculating System, that does not require plumbing, assures uniform density, reduces chemical oxidation and evaporation and increases chemical life. Standby Mode allows the processor, after initial warm-up, to maintain chemical temperature which saves energy, extends chemical life and minimizes machine wear. Adjustable Speed Control, located on the front panel, ensures total operator control when processing a wide variety of photographic materials. Simple Design of the processors make all the parts easily accessible. Easy To Use Minimum Maintenance allows operation of the processor with virtually no training. Compact Size allows comfortable fit into most composing or dark rooms. Highly Efficient Dryer recirculates heated air, ensuring optimum performance and energy efficiency. (V-14 and V-22 models only.) Color Coded Hoses minimize operator confusion when changing chemistry. Low Power Consumption requires only 115 VAC line. See specifications chart for individual model power ratings. Sturdy Stand equipped with lockable casters makes the unit mobile or lockable in any desired location. Specifications: Options Available From Your Dealer: Feed Shelf for processing sheet material (P. No. 10031-14 ", 10053-22') Timer for automatic start up in the morning and shut off of the processor at the end of the day. This eliminates waiting for the chemicals to warm up once the processor is turned on. (P. No 50010) Chemical Preheating Pad. The pad will preheat chemistry up to 84°F including the wash water. The close control of the temperature is accomplished, as would normally be with a thermostat inside the processor. The heating pad eliminates 30 minutes of warm up time daily, reduces recirculating of the chemistry and extends life of the pumps, heater and other components. (P. No 50009)