New valplast super injector system, dental, brand


Subject: New valplast super injector system, dental, brand
Valpast Super Injector Starter Kit
We are an authorized dealer of Valplast with the lowest prices on cartridges in the United States. When purchasing this item you must take a certification coarse in New York.
Each Valplast® starter kit includes the press, furnace, flasks, resin and accessories - everything you need to get started as a Valplast® lab. Our free training and technical support will guide you to become a Certified Valplast® provider so you can take advantage of the substantial profit margins Valplast® offers.
The Valplast Injection System yields a capacity of six to eight cases per day. Production can be optimized with the addition of extra Valplast equipment (furnaces, flasks and cylinders) allowing on injector to produce approximately 126 cases per day. Optional attachments for acrylic injection are also available for the Valplast Injection System. The Acry-Jector® accessory kit includes equipment to inject heat-cure, fast-cure, and some self-cure acrylics with your new Valplast Injection system.
The Valplast Injection System comes complete with all the accessories and tools:
Assorted burs & wheels
Rag wheels and brushes
Valplast® separating medium
Designed and waxed models
Sample Valplast® partial
Val-Clean™ Concentrated Denture Cleaner
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The FDA does not regulate this item
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