New valplast powerpress injection system, dental


Subject: New valplast powerpress injection system, dental
Valplast Powerpress Injection System
The Valplast Powerpress is the dental laboratory industry's first electrically powered hydraulically actuated injection molding press. Designed and calibrated to provide consistent and easy injection of ValplastĀ® partials, the Powerpress simplifies the technician's work. With safety features and a built-in timer, the Powerpress takes guesswork out of ValplastĀ® injection.
The ValplastĀ® Powerpress is designed for easy operation and high productivity. The press allows an injection every four minutes. A preprogrammed purging function ejects the used cartridge and pressure plate smoothly from the cylinder extending the life of the cylinder, and taking the hammering our of the process. Optional accessories allow the same press to be used for conventional acrylic injection as well.
The technician's safety is paramount. The Valplast Powerpress only operates when the safety cover is closed, assuring that the cylinder and flask are locked in position, and hot resin will be contained.
The electronic pressure monitor displays the pressure being applied throughout the injection and holding process, so the technician can verify that processing conditions are consistent. A time counter shows the technician the time since injection, and a pre-programmed alarm alerts the technician when the Valplast 3-minute hold time has elapsed.
With the Valplast Powerpress, Valplast International Corp. brings injection molding into the 21st Century!
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