New ushio high intensity superior uv lamp suv-2011NIH


Subject: New ushio high intensity superior uv lamp suv-2011NIH
Our Asset #: KSC129 / 1225 A9 / 1
USHIO High Intensity Superior UV Lamp SUV-2011NIH
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Asset Class: Semiconductor, PCB Equipment
NEW USHIO High Intensity Superior UV Lamp SUV-2011NIH
Subtitle: For NIKON semiconductor lithography System NRM-1000A
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Fig.1 Outside view of the SUV-2011NIH lamp.
Overlay Measurement System NRM-1000A Full support for 130nm lithography, plus automatic measurement of NSR Focus Marks NRM- 1000A Main Features High precision Mounts a high-precision dedicated optical system with aberration closely controlled in the component and assembly production process. The objective lens has been designed specifically for this application, and the imaging system offers Nikons exclusive high S/N ratio and high dynamic range characteristics. Offers full performance even for 130nm lithography. Maximum throughput Major improvements in stage positioning accuracy through enhanced rigidity, and enhanced global alignment (EGA) technology, assure correct alignment. The result is throughput performance of 150 wafers/hour (5 points/wafer), while a job reservation function eliminates lost time between lots. Superior recipe management functions Newly developed Nikon software offers excellent operability, minimizing the time required for recipe creation. And recipes are fully compatible with other Nikon overlay measurement systems. Networking enables recipe downloads from remote systems. Low running costs Users can replace lamps themselves as required. The illumination system makes any adjustment after lamp replacement unnecessary. Bright optics are achieved using an affordable halogen lamp. SEMI standard compliance, CE marking compliance, supports SMIF Indexers Options NSR Focus Mark measurement system Provides high-speed, precision measurement of Nikons exclusive wedge-shaped focus management marks (NSR Focus Marks). Stepper management system The set-up and data processing methods, and output format, fully comply with the Automatic Measurement System (AMS) functions of the NSR series. This means that the steppers auto-measurement function can be replaced by the NRM- 1000A and the stepper can be used exclusively for exposure, enhancing line productivity. Waferless recipe creation system Automatic recognition of stepper alignment marks and other unique patterns means it is possible to create recipes without wafers on the stage —ideal for small-lot, multiple production. Measurement targets Box in box mark, bar in bar mark, NSR Focus Mark (option) Wafer size ø200mm, ø150mm (option) Repeatability ≤ 2nm (3 ) TIS (Tool Induced Shift) ≤ ±3nm Tool matching ≤ ±5nm Throughput ≥ 150 wafers/hour (5 points/wafer) Dimensions (WxDxH) Main body 1,350 x 1,530 x 1,950mm Control rack 650 x 1,200 x 1,610mm Weight Main body Approx. 1,000kg Control rack Approx. 400kg Specifications Full support for 130nm lithography, plus automatic measurement of NSR Focus Marks Combining Nikons advanced technology and experience in the semiconductor lithography sector, as demonstrated by the NSR Series, to provide automatic measurement of overlay and NSR Focus Marks with high speed and exceptional precision. A tangible contribution to process management of advanced devices. NRM-1000A NIKON CORPORATION 9-16, Ohi 3-chome, Shinagawa- ku, Tokyo 140-8505, Japan Phone: +81-3-3773-8122 Fax: +81- 3-3773-8115 http://www. nikon. com/http://www. nikon. co. jp/inst/NIKON INC. Microelectronics Systems Group Instruments Division 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, N. Y. 11747-3064, U. S. A. Phone: + Fax: + NIKON EUROPE B. V. P. O. Box 222, 1170 AE Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands Phone: +31-20-44-96-222 Fax: +31-20-44-96-298 TO ENSURE CORRECT USAGE, READ THE CORRESPONDING MANUALS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE. WARNING Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. November 2000 ©2000 NIKON CORPORATION The export of this product is controlled by Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and International export control regime. It shall not be exported without authorization from the appropriate governmental authorities. Printed in Japan Code No. 2CE-KWMH-1 (0011-05) K This brochure is printed on recycled paper made from 40% used material. E ISO 14001 Certified NIKON CORPORATION Yokohama Plant ISO 14001 ISO 9001 Certified NIKON CORPORATION Instruments Company ISO 9001 We have several locations so please take note of the zip code where this asset is located above