New used asyst R150 smif indexer 9700-4314-01 like-


Subject: New used asyst R150 smif indexer 9700-4314-01 like-
ASYST INX R150 SMIF-INDEXER 9700-4314-01
Unit on left - sample opened for photo, unit for sale in factory bag on right
New SMIF Pod included in factory sealed bag on left, open unit for picture on right.
NEW EMPTY SMIF POD INCLUDEDThese ASYST R150 indexers are used, manufactured in 2000, with the original box. These units are in the factory bag, some have factory updates and are used but in factory packing, others appear new, but are missing paperwork to confirm. We have powered up an open unit, interfaced it to a control computer with the factory ISIM program, and the unit passed all self tests. A 14 day return is offered as indicated below in the event that a unit is non-functional. We understand that the current new price for the R150 is over $13,000 and these are offered for significantly less.Typical Unit Information
* Qty. 1 Used ASYST INX R150 SMIF-Indexer.
* Qty. 1 SMIF Pod New in factory sealed bag.
Used ASYST INX R150 SMIF-Indexer
The SMIF-INX R-150 Indexer is designed to provide wafer indexing for fixed Z-axis wafer handlers, or cassette positioning for a fixed plan with Z-Axis wafer handlers. The installed base of over 10,000 SMIF-INX type units has proven their reliability, functionality, and versatility. The superior contamination control of the SMIF systems are well documented, as are the substantial increase in die yield for fabs.
* Filtration system provides better than ISO Class 3 environment.
* Mounts directly to the process tool.
* Unit provides high speed indexing with positioning accuracy of +/-.005 inches.
* Advanced sensing system provides precision wafer slot locating, position mapping, sense of protruding wafers and cross-slotted wafer detection, and automatic reseating.
SMIF Indexer Information at ASYST Web Site
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