New unitek eapro acf-bonder -


Subject: New unitek eapro acf-bonder -
Fully automated stand-alone system, equipped with two independently operating twin-axis robot systems which automatically load LCD Microdisplays (or similar devices), laminate and pre-bond ACF film (Anisotropic Conductive Film), attach flex connector and perform final bonding of flex to display.
Production mode is shown in this
The process-relevant parts are original Unitek Eapro items and include as follows:
- four 500N thermode bonding heads with interlayer Silicone tape for homogenous contact pressure.
- two lamination stations for ACF film from rolls, incl. adjustable film cutting mechanism
- SIMATIC OP7 microcontroller, incl. software by Unitek
- Ionisation bar for ESD protection
Please find here the complete manual
The system was built by Unitek Eapro for an LCOS assembly line. It originally costs in excess of EUR 230k.
It can be adjusted for other applications or products (Unitek Eapro offers this).
The process-relevant parts can be also used on other Unitek equipment.
Device is new and unused comes complete in perfect conditions. Just unwrapped from original package to make these photos and to check if it fully works.
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