New unique mini excavator candig backhoe dig anywhere


Subject: New unique mini excavator candig backhoe dig anywhere
PLEASE NOTE. If you have looked here before. The pricing and standard equipment has changed as of Oct 25th, 2006. Please Re-Read The Listing Carefully.
Candig Mini Excavators are the right choice for Hobby Farmers, Mining Exploration, Landscapers, Builders, or anyone doing small building works on a regular basis. If you need the competitive edge for your digging needs, including anything from footings for retaining walls, to mining exploration or installing water lines.
The Candig CD11 model tows easily with a small car, quad, or even pushed by hand. At only 840 pounds, the ultra mini excavator causes little damage to surrounding lawns or other sensitive areas. At the same time, you will be pleased with the impressive break-out force generated by the 5.5 horse power Honda engine (about equal to a small tracked excavator).
Numerous optional accessories add great value and versatility to your investment. Use your optional access wheels to allow your mini excavator to slip through yard gates or doorways. or through the front door and out the back door of a townhouse! The optional thumb allows you to pick up boulders or logs weighing well over 1000 pounds, and place them where you wish.
CD11 mini excavator also has an optional 6 inch wide trenching bucket. And the optional "ripper" makes tough digging easier, and has been re-designed for 2007 to also act as a root cutter. Considering all the great benefits offered, the CD11 is the right choice for all your varied excavating needs. Treat yourself to a new Candig unit. Your back will thank you, and your family deserves the extra income it will generate in your business.
Model CD11 With Optional Equipment Shown Below In A Basement
7 More Reasons to Choose a Candig Mini Excavator
1. Great Value. Honda, Lion and Casapa are some of the quality components that combine to make Candig a quality investment. Only the best of fabricating techniques are good enough for Candig, ranging from using ticketed welders, computer-guided cutting tools, to its polished finish. Parts are machined for accuracy, and joints are protected with (replaceable) highly durable bushings and grease fittings. The philosophy of Candig is to offer the end-user a product that they can rely on, because we know that your business depends on your tools.
2. Competitive Edge. Ask yourself.....Can your competition move their Mini Excavator into a basement? Can they tow it with a quad or push it by hand? Can they work safely on uneven ground? Can they pass over sensitive areas like sprinkler systems, septic fields and lawns without causing more damage than good? 3. Provide Security For Your Family. The bottom line is that you will be generating more income for your business/family from the time you invest in your Candig Mini Excavator.
4. Diversity. The CD11 and CD21 are not just digging tools. Many extra features are available, such as the optional thumb for picking up large boulders and logs; optional access wheels to allow them to get into those tight spots; the optional trenching bucket is great for installing water lines, electrical cables, etc. Also the optional "ripper" makes digging in tough ground easier. The optional Tow Lights, optional fenders and standard safety chain make them legal and safe to tow on the highway. An auger, wood splitter and hydraulic stabilizers are also available for any model (mechanical stabilizers come standard).
5. Low Investment/High Return. Where else can you find a tool that is capable of generating more income for such a low investment amount? In addition, you do not need to invest in a trailer or larger truck to haul your Candig mini digger. Servicing is easy and economical.
6. Recognition. Plain and simple.....Candig is a smart investment. As an owner of a Candig Mini Excavator, you will be admired and recognized as an industry leader. Share the prestige that CanDig has earned with its many awards of excellence. CanDig was also nominated best CANADIAN Exporting company for 2005!
7. Be Free From Back Pain. Put your short handled shovel in the shed! From now on, you can relax and let Candig do all of your digging.....and its fun too!
weight (with large bucket and filled with fluids)
lateral swing (both directions)
Standard Bucket Size (included)
trenching bucket (6" wide for CD-11 - 8" wide for CD-21)
access wheels included? (makes the excavator 28 inches wide)
2 inch trailer hitch included?
6 inch auger included? No, See Price ->
wood splitter included? No, See Price ->
Optional hydraulic stabilizers that mount in the centre of
the unit, Includes 6 bank valve controls, and extra wheels that
mount where the manual stabalizers are, giving you 4 wheels.
1 Price shown is when you order this option at the same time you purchase a CD11 or CD21.
If requesting this option after having the excavator in your possession, you will be charged
an extra $390 which will be refunded after returning the 4 bank valve controls.
Model CD21 Shown Below (You may upgrade to this Model for $2295)
About the Model CD21 (You may upgrade to this Model for $2295)
Need more power? The CD21 provides even more breakout force than some tracked excavators, and uses a 9 horse power Honda engine. Weighing 1200 pounds, the CD21 is capable of digging six feet deep through tough rocky ground with ease. Like the smaller CD11, the CD21 is also prized for its exceptional stability on uneven ground. Enjoy all the benefits that the CD11 offers.....numerous accessories add great value and versatility to your investment. Use your access wheels to allow the CD21 to slip through yard gates. The optional thumb allows you to pick up large boulders or logs weighing up to a ton, and place them where you wish. Every new CD21 also has an optional 8 inch wide trenching bucket. The "ripper" option allows you to dig through frozen or tough ground easier, and also doubles as a root cutter. Also optional with both models are travel lights and fenders Standard equipment includes safety chain, retractable tongue wheel, and mechanical stabilizers. When power, digging depth and versatility are important, the CD21 is the right digging tool for your business. Your low investment amount will quickly pay for itself, and generate more profit for your business and family for many years to come.
It digs great, look at the break-out force of some of the minis available and compare. Both models can rip through tough, rocky ground.
Because of it's light weight, yet good power, is the unit stable when digging ?
Yes, the stabilizer arms you see in photos, keep the unit very stable, no extra counter-weight is needed. Automatic hydraulic stabilizers are also available.
Is it a pull start or electric start engine ?
Engine is pull start, electric start is special order, and is available.
Why is there no ROPS? (roll-over protection) ?
It is not required on this type of equipment since it does not have power to the wheels and it is less than 1500 pounds.
2 year factory warranty on the Honda engine, from Honda. CanDig guarantees the structure of the unit to be free of manufacturing defects for one year. One year warranty on hydraulic pump and cylinders, from manufacturer of those components.
Does it come with travel lights ?
No, travel lights are optional. Which include brake lights, drive lights, license plate light, and signals and brackets
No, the optional fenders "pin" on so that they can be used on the highway when it is raining.
How narrow of openings can CanDig pass through ?
CanDig can become only 28 inches wide when the optional access wheels are pinned in place. This takes only seconds to do. This allows you to slip through yard gates instead of having to take the fence down.
I've noticed that most of your standard features are now optional, Why ?
That is correct, We want to allow you to customize your Candig in order to keep it cost beneficial to you. By doing this, we've been able to drop the price of the CanDig by $2100.
Can optional equipment be purchased at a later time ?
Would you like to see a video of the CanDig in Action?