New umf 5080 hi-low power exam table


Subject: New umf 5080 hi-low power exam table
The UMF 5080 hi-low power exam table is perfect for general practitioners, obstetricans, gynecologists, urologists and many others. Easily raise and lower the table with a foot pedal control.
* 26.5" wide x 25.5-37.5" high x 54.5-74" long
* UMF Comfort Top (vacuum-formed and seamless)
* Concealed paper roll holder
* Accessory rails on back section
* Infinite-position, easy-release, articulating back section
* Stainless steel leg section with removable upholstered leg cushion
* Removable stainless steel drain pan
* Leg section elevates 10 degrees for patient comfort
* One-position, 7.5-degree pelvic lift