New ultra snack/soda/bottle/can combo vending machine


Subject: New ultra snack/soda/bottle/can combo vending machine
NeW ULTRA Snack/Soda/Bottle/Can COMBO Vending Machine
This electronically programmable vendor offers the largest capacity in its class, features custom selection pricing, convertible shelving and an electronic controller with LED display. All metal product trays tilt 30 degrees for simplified servicing and T-Handle Locks provide maximum security. Model 80300 provides a touch of elegance to your locations. With a large display window, this machine holds 188 snack items and 210 can / 112 bottle selections! It vends 8 selections of most bottles up to 20 oz. or cans.
Can Beverage Capacity: 30 12 oz. cans per column; 240 total
Bottle Beverage Capacity: 16 per column; 20 oz. bottles; 128 total
Adjustable vertical delivery system vend cans or bottles
Any combination of bottles and cans up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter
Lighted cabinet for attractive display
Slide-out refrigeration system can be removed in minutes
Rugged welded steel construction
24-volt changer and bill validator
All metal product trays tilt 30 degrees
Steel T-handle locks for Maximum Security
Fully insulated beverage system for efficient operation
Classic graphics and Euro styling dress up any decor
Shatter resistant product window with lighted display
Positive locking latch on all shelves
Change the lower graphic to suit your location or merchandise (additional fees will occur)
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