New ultimo voice reconstructor / sound reconstructor,


Subject: New ultimo voice reconstructor / sound reconstructor,
Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is in business since 2000. John J. Williams, M.S.E.E., President.
How would you like to listen to the recorded voices, sounds and music of ancient spiritual, political, military and artistic greats, your ancestors who died before you were born, and ancient artisans before recorded history?! Voices that convey long lost secrets?! Voices that may be the Rosette Stone of a long-lost spoken language?! When clay pottery, paintings or other initially soft objects are made in which there is a hardening or curing process, it is possible under the right conditions that the ambient voices and other sounds occurring near the forming and curing object become impressed in the object's surface as tiny undulations in the surface material (Archaeoacoustics). Some believe that the recorded sounds, voices and music that cured in with the object can be lifted off much like the sounds produced by the grooves in old vinyl records and RCA wax recordings. However, this would occur only if the voices or sounds consistently mechanically operated a sharply pointed stylus (e.g. phonograph needle) during the forming and/or curing process - very unlikely. More than likely, the entire object or a large portion of it captured the voice or sound pattern as an acoustic recording, and it cannot be lifted off using any groove analysis technology. The method we have developed entails transmitting ultrasonic signals at part or all of the object itself, then capturing the reflected signal and demodulating any audio modulations of the ultrasonic signal that may be the result of acoustic recordings in the surface of the object. The UVR/SR includes a speaker output (speaker included) and a recorder output (recorder not included). Includes tunable ultrasonic frequencies from about 15 KHz to about 200 KHz, tunable input gain (up to about 1,000,000) and output volume, and tunable filtering of captured signal. Ultrasonic signal can be directed to an object area from about 1 sq-in to about 1 sq-ft to find optimum sound recorded areas. Also comes with our proprietary tunable dynamic range capture system to allow you to better separate voices/sounds/music based on loudness to help you isolate particular voices and sounds, if any should exist. Note: Some objects were formed and/or cured using a rotating platform (e.g. pottery); because of such a huge variation in object sizes, shapes and weights, we do not normally provide a rotating platform; if you need a rotating platform, please fully describe object and the rpm speed of the platform you will need (if a motorized platform is required), and project will cost extra based on your specifications. (Note: Like many devices we make as Customized Devices, this device type is highly experimental, and we can in no way guarantee any kind of results because we have no way of knowing every voice/sound situation that occurred near a forming and curing object or the technology, techniques and materials used to create the object of interest and how susceptible they were to recording ambient voices and sounds).
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