New tusk forklift model 550PG pneumatic lease/buy


Subject: New tusk forklift model 550PG pneumatic lease/buy
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EVERYONE WANTS A TAX BREAK! Purchase your forklift in 2006 to realize SUBSTANTIAL tax relief [more info on this below].
Offered for your review and consideration - One New Tusk Forklift as described below. Freight and Tax will be determined at the time of purchase. Please call or email for details.
Please call us if you need further information.
* Tusk Pneumatic Truck Model 500PG
* 5 year lease options available - $395 month [please call for details]
With the purchase of any truck, you will get up to $7000 back in taxes! Section 179 tax benefits may enable you to deduct the TOTAL VALUE of any forklift purchased this year!
As amended in the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, this Section 179 allowance may allow you to deduct the entire value of your forklifts purchased in 2006 via a capital lease option [$1.00 Option Lease] or cash purchase. Specifically in 2006, the Section 179 Allowance has been temporarily increased to $108,000 [adjusted for inflation] for taxpayers with total capital investments of $430,000 or less. The increased allowance applies to units contracted for and put into service through December 31, 2006. Both the expense allowance and the capital investment limitation are scheduled to be adjusted for inflation in 2007 and 2008.
The adjusted Section 179 allowance will allow you to deduct the total value of your forklifts, and immediately improves your cash flow by reducing your tax burden in the year you purchase and put your forklifts into service.
Waiting to purchase your forklift may actually cost you more money. Beginning in 2008, the expense allowance will be reduced to $25,000 with no adjustment for inflation.
Example of a forklift purchase at $20,000:
PURCHASE PRICE............................. $ 20,000.00
1st YEAR SECTION 179 EXPENSE .... $108,000.00
TOTAL 1st YEAR DEDUCTION .............$ 20,000.00
POTENTIAL 1st YEAR SAVINGS ..........$ 7,000.00
* All items are clearly and accurately described for your review and consideration - please read the description!
* We will make MANY attempts to communicate with you - so if you don't hear from us PLEASE reach out to us instead!
* US Lift Orlando, Inc. has designed and instituted the "WE C.A.R.E." philosophy for our coustomers (Courtesy, Accuracy, Reliability, and Economy).
* Any questions? eMAIL US LIFT ORLANDO