New town sm-24-ss nsf gas barbecue smoker smokehouse


Subject: New town sm-24-ss nsf gas barbecue smoker smokehouse
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Town Food Service Equipment Gas Barbecue / Smoker Smokehouse Town NSF SM-24-SS SM-24-*-SS-* More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Town Food Service Equipment - Model: SM-24-*-SS-*
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Town Food Service Equipment Gas Barbecue / Smoker Smokehouse Town NSF SM-24-SS SM-24-*-SS-*
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24" Wide Gas Barbecue / Smoker Smokehouse Town NSF SM-24-SS with Stainless Steel Exterior
Town's Smokehouses blend Asian and Western techniques to produce juicy, lean barbecue and smoked products. Water in the drip pan prevents shrinkage. Dripping fat creates smoke and flavor. Smokehouses handle a wide variety of applications: smoked fish, meat, sausage, cheese, and jerky plus barbecue of any type. Suspend ribs or tenderloin from skewers on two cooking levels. Using optional BBQ utensils, fowl and suckling pig can be hung and barbecued. Fish or roasts can be placed on optional racks. Use the Woodchip Box to "cold smoke." Master Range® Smokehouses barbecue quickly while producing a "slow cooked" flavor.
Fill the optional Woodchip Box (Sold Separately)and insert into the smokehouse. Heat of the burners brings the wood to smoldering temperature. Turn off burners and the process will continue as the smokehouse cools.
Units are insulated double wall construction with standard galvanized or optional stainless front and sides exterior. Heat is from multiple gas burners with 150º-550º thermostatic control. Interior is corrosion resistant aluminized steel. Legs are epoxy coated or optional stainless. Casters available. Safety pilot system, six skewers, safety grate, Water pan and User's Guide with recipes included. Make juicy barbecued ribs in an hour with a 12 hour taste. Cleanup is simple.
BBQ flavor is created by the smoke from drippings which fall onto the hot drip shields. Product remains juicy as it is continually basted by juices in the water pan. Meats such as prime rib and brisket are started at high temperatures for a short time but are cooked for longer times at lower temperatures. Ribs and fowl can be cooked together. Barbecue time depends on product size. Smaller fowl cook faster than ribs; game hens can be ready to serve in 20 minutes!
The user must keep water in the water pan. Failure to keep water in the pan will cause a grease fire.
The unique flavor found in Smokehouse cooked foods is enhanced by marinating product to be barbecued. Marinating also tenderizes meats. Some claim two days' marinating prior to barbecue has wonderful results. Our favorite marinade follows.
* Removable Perforated Baffle
* Stainless Steel Safety Grate
* Makes smoke from drippings
* 3/16" steel Baffle Plate below pan
* controlling multiple burners
* Corrosion resistant interior
* Six Stainless Steel Skewers
* Stainless Steel Valve Panel
Master Range® Smokehouse has galvanized or optional stainless steel front & sides. Top and rear are galvanized. Stainless steel control enclosure. 7 3/4" adjustable stainless steel legs. Flush mounted door is double wall insulated with reinforcing steel frame, secured by three hinges (specify left or right hand hinging) with opposite side held shut by two swivel latches. Interior is heavy gauge heat resistant aluminized steel insulated with 1" thick fiberglass. Interior Perforated Top evenly distributes heat and removes for cleaning. Main compartment has two skewer rests with slots for optional rack guides. Six stainless steel skewers are provided. Stainless steel safety grate at bottom of drip shield prevents product from falling into provided stainless steel drip pan. Aluminized steel drip shields generate smoke and direct drippings into pan. Drip pan set on reinforced 3/16" thick steel baffle. Combustion chamber is fitted with thermostatically controlled multiple aluminized steel tubular burners controlled by a single gas valve with safety pilot system. Pressure regulator is provided.
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