New tiger power 10 kw pto generator trailer


Subject: New tiger power 10 kw pto generator trailer
Tiger Power 10 kW PTO Generator
The Tiger-Power PTO10 generator is a 10kW single phase, brushless, synchronous generator. Its compact, yet rugged design makes it ideal for residential, farmette or other light loads. It is equipped with an AC voltage meter and an AC RPM (Hz) meter conviently located on the front of the unit to allow for easy viewing while adjusting the tractor throttle. It has two 120V convenience outlets in addition to the 240V full power outlet with individual circuit breakers for each. All of the outlets and breakers are located on the back of the generator for easy connection and disconnection. This unit is designed with a drip proof construction. It contains lifetime pre-lubricated bearings.
• Insulation Class H, double dip varnished
• Single phase 4 lead, 120/240V
(2) 20A secondary & (1) 50A Main
• Convenience power outlets:
• Continuous duty ratings at 104° F (40° C)
• Capacitor voltage regulation
• Rugged Steel and Aluminum construction
Suggested Retail Price: $2,945.00