New thermolyne furnatrol CP53610 temperature controller


Subject: New thermolyne furnatrol CP53610 temperature controller
From the manual: "The Type 53600 Automatic temperature controllers are microprocessor-based, 3 mode controllers. They are intended for use on single phase, electric muffle furnaces drawing up to 35A such as the Thermolyne Type 1600 and 1700 furnaces."
The specs are: Model No. CP53610, 208/240 VAC, 0.1 Amps, 50/60 Hz, 240 VAC Max Load (resistive only), Range 0-1200 degrees Celcius, Platinel II Type F Thermocouple.
I received this unit from my uncle who recently retired after 40 years as an industrial and environmental chemist. This controller was never installed or used in any way.
This unit is guaranteed to be fully functional upon arrival and the original registration card is included. This controller originally came direct from the manufacturer. The only part of this package that could be considered less than mint would be the manual, which has a shallow crease near the bottom (visible in photo) and a tiny hole punched in the lower right hand corner of the cover (not visible).
Purchasing this unit from an industrial supplier would cost $2722. You can get it here for $500 less! If you can find a better deal from another supplier, please let me know!