New the est homefill ii w/ ready rack w/ concentrator


Subject: New the est homefill ii w/ ready rack w/ concentrator
The NEWEST HOMEFILL II w/ HomeFill II Ready Rack (IOH260 HomeFill II Ready Rack) [May 2006 version] Not old inventory as others are selling
Comes with IRC5LX Concentrator
We are selling units with these updates:
We've improved our coupler. The new style coupler has green dots on the inner sleeves. These dots provide the patient a clearer indicator that the coupler is ready to receive the cylinder thereby preventing damage to either the coupler or the cylinder. If the dots are showing, the coupler is ready to receive a cylinder. The change in couplers went into effect in 2006 so each HomeFill II system produced after that date will have the new coupler. All HomeFill II cylinders will fit on either style of coupler.
The barbed fitting cover has been added to all Homefill Convenience Pack cylinders to protect the oxygen tubing attachment site from being accidently broken. All cylinders were manufactured after April 2006 will have this cover on them.
(IOH260 HomeFill II Ready Rack) [May 2006 version]
The Invacare HomeFill II lets oxygen patients get out and enjoy life. Where will you go next?
HomeFill II Oxygen Compressor - The Invacare HomeFill(TM) II complete home oxygen system will revolutionize ambulatory oxygen by allowing patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders from a concentrator. The HomeFill is a multi-stage pump that simply and safely compresses oxygen from a specially equipped Invacare 5-liter concentrator into oxygen cylinders in sizes ML4, ML6 and M9(C). The ability to fill their own cylinders gives ambulatory patients greater independence and freedom. Home care oxygen providers will also benefit from the virtual elimination of time-consuming and costly service calls associated with cylinder and-or liquid oxygen deliveries. The HomeFill II ambulatory package includes the following:
* IOH200 - HomeFill II Compressor $3580.00 Retail Price
* 2-HF2PCL6 - HomeFill II Patient Convenience Pack, ML6 Cylinders $680.00 Retail Price
* 1 - HF2PCL6BAG , ML6 Size Bag $60.00 Retail
* HomeFill II Ready Rack Stand For Home Fill $100.00 Retail
* Connection and controls are designed for ease of operation
* Fill cylinders while patient continues to receive oxygen from concentrator
* Gives ambulatory patients greater freedom and independence
* Virtually eliminates the high service costs of frequent deliveries of cylinders and-or liquid oxygen
Attention Oxygen Patients: Breathe in the Freedom with the Invacare HomeFill II!
Patients fill their own portable oxygen cylinders from the comfort and convenience of their own home.
No worrying about deliveries or running out of oxygen.
Unlimited portable oxygen - cylinders may be filled over and over.
Cylinders weigh less than 5 pounds and last up to 5 hours (at 2 LPM equivalent flow).
Wear cylinder over the shoulder or around the waist.
No dragging cumbersome and embarrassing oxygen carts around in public.
Promotes freedom and independence.
No need to change regulators - Each cylinder has its own built-in regulator and conserving device.
No batteries or maintenance required.
Available across the USA through all Home Oxygen Providers. For an in-home demonstration, call your provider or sign up below to receive a free information kit.
The Invacare HomeFill II lets oxygen patients get out and enjoy life. Where will you go next?
Some Proceeds Help my kids college funds too!!!
We donate proceeds from every purchase to one or more of the following charities.
(1) Meeting Street School - Special needs school in East Prov.,R.I.
(3) DAV - Disabled American Vets
(4) EPVA - Eastern Paralized Vets Assoc.
(6) Int'l Childrens Wish Foundation
(7) Childrens Hospital of Boston
(9) PVA-Paralyzed Veterans of America
(10) CAF-Challenged Athletes Foundation