New - tapetech full set drywall tool


Subject: New - tapetech full set drywall tool
The Full Set includes all these TapeTech tools:
TapeTech - Automatic Taper (05TT)
TapeTech - Corner Roller with handle (15TT)
TapeTech - 10" Standard Flat Box (25TT)
TapeTech - 12" Standard Flat Box (30TT)
TapeTech - 8" Corner Applicator with handle (35TT)
TapeTech - 3" Adjustable Corner Finisher (48TT)
TapeTech - Corner Finisher Fiberglass handle (HF)
TapeTech - 34" Standard Flat Box Handle (8034TT)
This item is BRAND NEW IN BOX - this is a great price for a Full Set!!
Retail for this item is over $5,364 - Please email us if you have any questions - we will answer your question within 24 hours, 7 days a week!
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