New stripe injector 1 ~ concrete sealer striper cheap


Subject: New stripe injector 1 ~ concrete sealer striper cheap
NEWSTRIPE INJECTOR 1 ~ Joint and Crack Filling Machine
A few facts you should know …..
Newstripe's Injector-1 joint filling machine can install self leveling, pourable material 4 times faster than other methods. And it virtually eliminates the fatigue associated with the use of pour pots and caulking guns.
A 5 gallon pail of material can be set directly into the Injector-1's tank. Consequently, no messy pouring or transferring of material is required. Cleanup is equally easy, taking less than 5 minutes. The Injector-1 is built to last. It has the features and quality required by the most demanding contractor… See for yourself
* Blow wand for cleaning joint
* 12' hose & crack filling wand
* 10.4 CFM twin cylinder cast iron compressor
* All welded steel construction
There is also available through the Newstripe company, a conversion kit that will convert this joint and crack filler to a striper. These stripers are ideal for parking lots as well as athletic fields. Newstripe also has a complete line of stencils to get a perfect job every time, from day one.
We wish to emphasize our extremely low starting price and that we have set NO RESERVE amount on this item. Good Luck
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