New stone SB1600 mud buggy 16 cu ft capacity


Subject: New stone SB1600 mud buggy 16 cu ft capacity
Material Handlers - Mud Buggie
Stone's Mud Buggy easily moves concrete, mud, gravel, dirt and more over tough job sites. The Mud Buggy overcomes the worst obstacles and obstructions - to get you and your load where it needs to go.
* Easy to clean, heavy duty polyethylene 16 cu. ft. tub.
* Tub mounted on frame with 6 easy to remove elevator bolts, makes changing out the tub fast and easy.
* Angle of tub provides 6.5 inch clearance in full dump position for dumping over forms.
* Optional stake bed kit or a steel tub.
* Move and dump up to 2,500 loads easily with the 13hp Honda engine.
* Ride on or walk behind with the same machine. The fold-up, lockable platform is angled, providing more maneuverability in tight places.
* Polyethylene engine cover requires no tools to remove. There's also no need to have the bed or the tub in the dump position. Increases serviceability and reduces service time.
* Patent pending platform mounted brake. The brake extends the entire width of the platform. No need to step off to step on the brake.
* Dual action dump pedal works in concert with the dump lever to provide controlled, even dumping. Releasing either instantly stops the dump or return action.
* Parker hoses and hydraulic components guaranteed three years leak free.
* Automotive type braking system provides more reliability, increases serviceability.
* Four-way forklift bracelets for added convenience moving and transporting on to trucks.
* Standard pneumatic or optional foam filled tires.
* Optional dual tires with quick release hubs to all versions of the buggy access through doorways.