New southbend single deck infrared steak broiler


Subject: New southbend single deck infrared steak broiler
New Southbend Single Deck Infrared Broiler Great For Steak Houses
Broiler, Deck-Type, Gas, single infra-red deck, enclosed base, stainless steel top, front & sides, free standing design
Faster broiling times with 1/3 less time
Blower delivers fresh, filtered air to prevent smoke and vapors from affecting broiling efficiency.
104,000 BTU Schwank infrared burners
Stainless steel front and sides
90 second preheat with no waiting between loads
Rugged grid height adjustment mechanism with four positions
Roll-out broiling area is 24 1/2” wide and 27 1/2” deep, with a reduced heat holding area in the front 3”
Fully insulated lining and burner boxes
Removable grids with a round pattern for branding
6” adjustable stainless steel legs
Washable metal mesh air filter
Exterior Finish: Top, front, and sides are 430 stainless steel #3 polish. Aluminized steel back.
Broiler: Infrared broiler (single and double deck). 104,000 BTU Schwank broiler burners with separate controls. Constant-burning pilot lighters. Equipped with 115 volt, 60 cycle blower for pressurized primary air, filtered by a 9.5” x 19.5” washable metal mesh air filter. Fully insulated lining and burner box.
Broiler Grid: Roll-out broiler grid is 24 1/2” wide and 28” deep (rolls out to 17 1/4”), with four height positions. The front 3” receive less heat so can be used as a holding area.
Legs: Stainless steel 6” adjustable legs standard.
GAS: Each unit has a 3/4” rear gas connection with a male NPT connector. Minimum supply pressure is 7” W.C. for natural gas and 11” W.C. for propane. An external pressure regulator and shut off valve must be provided. If using a flexible hose gas connection, the I.D. of the hose must not be smaller than the connector on the unit and must comply with ANSI Z21.69, providing an adequate means of restraint to prevent undue strain on the gas connection.
ELECTRICITY: All models have a 7-foot power cord with a grounded plug to supply 50 Hz or 60Hz single-phase 120VAC electric power.
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