New southbend gas single deck convection oven


Subject: New southbend gas single deck convection oven
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Single Deck Gas Convection Oven
Convection Oven, Gas, single-deck, standard depth, solid state controls, with 26" high legs, s/s front, top & sides, 60/40 dependent doors
The SilverStar series of convection ovens deliver increased productivity in a smaller footprint. It features the new JS-901 Jet Stream Burner System, which provides a proven technology in an entirely new application. These horizontal, 51/2" burners are cool-tothe-touch but actually produce an incredibly high efficiency flame, low in NOX and high in moisture content. The single deck convection oven is a mere 55" in height... the first ergonomically designed in the oven industry. Energy saving 54,000 BTU models produces the most even bake witnessed by numerous chefs. Patented “plug-in, plug-out” control panel allows for easy servicing. This feature also
allows the user to upgrade an oven to one with features not needed when purchase, without the cost of a new oven.
• Dependent doors with windows
• Porcelainized interior
• Rugged double door unit
• Stainless Steel door seals
• “Soft Air” two speed, 1/2 hp. fan motor
• 11-position rack guides
• Solid State temperature controls
• Forced cool-down fan mode
• Oven “ready” light–cycles with burners
Commercial Gas Convection Oven - 38" W x 361/8" D x 55" H (Including 26" high legs.) Exterior Finish: Black sides and top, Stainless Steel front. Back aluminized steel. Doors: Dependent doors with top and bottom latches. Stainless steel interior and exterior. Heavy duty welded steel frame. 5/8” diameter pivot rod with hinge pins. Oven Interior: Porcelain enamel finish Rack and Rack Guides: Bright plated heavy duty removable wire rack guides spaced on 15/8”centers offer 11 different rack positions. 5 bright plated heavy-duty wire racks provided with each oven. Blower Fan and Motor 1/2 hp. 2 speed motor, 1725/1140 r.p.m. Motor mounted to right side. Oven Heating: Three (GB) inshot style burners direct flame towards rear of combustion chamber. Combustion products are drawn into oven interior and recirculated prior to venting. Electronic Ignition: Hot surface ignitor with flame safety device. Control Panel: Located on front, at right side of oven, away from heat zone. Panel hinges down for easy servicing.
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