New southbend electric double deck convection oven


Subject: New southbend electric double deck convection oven
New Southbend Electric Double Convection Oven
Convection Oven, Electric, double-deck, standard depth, solid state controls, with 6" high legs, s/s front, painted top & sides
Patented, high efficiency, non-clog Jet Stream burners Double deck convection oven is 65” in height Patented “plug-in, plug-out” control panel - easy to service Stainless Steel front, top and sides Dependent doors with windows Coved, fastener-free, porcelain interior Rugged double door with stainless steel door seals Soft Air, two speed, 1/2 hp, fan motor 11-position rack guides and 5 plated oven racks Solid state temperature controls Forced cool down fan mode Oven “ready” light
Exterior Finish: Stainless steel front, top and sides. Back Aluminized steel.
Doors: Dependent doors with windows. Stainless steel construction, heavy-duty welded steel frame and 5/8” diameter full-length hinge pin.
Electrical System: Terminal connections are located below oven section and are accessible from the front of the oven. These sheath type electrical heating elements located at the rear of the oven function as a single heating unit with a combined rating of 11 kW. Available voltages include 208. 240, 380, and 480 VAC single or three phase, 50/60 Hz. Ovens equipped with 480VAC single or three phase heating elements use 240V controls and motors and do not require
separate electrical lead wires.
Rack and Rack Guides: Heavy-duty removable wire rack guides spaced on 1-5/8” centers offer 11 different rack positions. 5 wire racks provided with each oven.
Blower Fan and Motor: 1/2hp, 2-speed motor, 1725/1140
r.p.m motor mounted to right side.
Oven Heating: Oven heating is regulated by an adjustable
solid state thermostat control. Blower fan circulates air within
the cavity “scrubbing” heat to the oven interior for even heat
distribution within the cavity. Manual reset height limit
temperature control protects the oven from overheat condition.
Control Panel: Located of front, at right side of oven, away
from heat zone. Removable panel opens downward for easy
Note: Oven cannot be operated without fan in operation.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
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