New sokkia sdlm 30 digital level 32X SDL30 level


Subject: New sokkia sdlm 30 digital level 32X SDL30 level
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* Excellent accuracy: 0.6mm in a 1km double-end loop with Invar staffs; 1.0mm with Fiberglass Staff.
* External data port for interface with data collectors or a PC.
* Internal memory capable of recording up to 2,000 measurements.
This kit includes the following;
About MAP (minimum advertised price) Pricing
This level is suited for various environments from low light to bright sunlight and artificial light. It has been designed to provide unwavering accuracy in the field even with adverse operating environments. This instrument performs accurately and efficiently measuring height and distance.
Measuring Distance to Barcode Rod = 320'
* CDC62 Charger (1 each, Note: charges 2 BDC46 Batteries)
Additional Accessories for this Product
Add CST Contractor's Aluminum Tripod
Add Sokkia Wood/Fiberglass Tripod
Add 5 meter or 16 foot Bar Coded Staff
Add a download cable USB or 9pin
Add a GS20L Circular Level f/BGS Rod (20'/2mm)
Leveling Accuracy (in 1.0 km (1 mile) of double-run leveling)
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