New smart drill ii,optical drill,lens drill smart ii


Subject: New smart drill ii,optical drill,lens drill smart ii
If you want PRECISION on your Drills, you need Smart Drill II.
* What was good, now is even better
* Now, even Inexperienced personal can a ACCURALEY, consistently and flawlessly drill all Types of three-piece mountings with minimal training
* More Accurate Hole Placement Than Never
* Accurately Positions for all holes ,notches and Slots
* Base curve Angle control up to 120 degree in or out
* Correct Size Holes up to 50 different Bits sizes (not include)
* Make Custom Lenses Shapes Changes Easy Now
* mm Scale and 0.05 of mm (Even more precise)
* Speed control UP to 20,000 rpm
* Super stable Table and drill motor
* Most Jobs can be done in Only 2 minutes
* The Smart Drill Systems Formula Charts give you all the Information you need for most of the frames
* Winner 2001 Best of Finishing Equipment
This action includes The Smart Drill II (New), 20 Bits Start Set (New) and CD with Charts.