New sifa italian modular cooler wall unit murali ss 72"


Subject: New sifa italian modular cooler wall unit murali ss 72"
This is a New SIFA 72" Stainless Steel Modular Wall Refrigerator Unit, Self-Contained, From the MURALI Line, Model P60-182!
is renowned throughout the world for fusing the quality, ergonomics, efficiency, and beautiful presentation necessary to turn your store into a WORLD-CLASS MARKETPLACE!
Non-Stainless Models Shown above for Feature Detail
What are modular fixtures and what advantages do they have?
Websters Dictionary defines modular as “constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use. This definition relates to food equipment, when the units come pre-finished, and able to be joined together with any other units.
Integral Equipment and Accessories
Quite often when designing a project, important items can be overlooked. With modular design, equipment such as sinks, cabinets, ice bins, refrigerators and trash bins can be ordered already built-in, so they do not need to be purchased separately or as an unsightly afterthought. And since they are a part of the counters, you are assured of proper fit and convenience as well as a reduction in materials and labor. The final cost of the project is therefore more accurate, space and ergonomics are maximized, and the end result is a strikingly sharp, clean, professional appearance.
Since most all necessary equipment can be integrated into your design, costly oversights and overruns and at the end of the project are drastically reduced. The modular equipment layouts can be installed quite rapidly, usually in a few days, instead of months or years. Your plumber and electrician need only to tie into the connections provided, and with proper coordination of the trades, you can be up and running in a very short time.
Uniformity, Replacement, and Add-ons
The fixtures come in modules that are linear, as well as “inside and “outside corners. The back counters can follow the front line in contour and in style. All the units are designed to fit next to each other, so you can switch units around, add, replace or remove a unit, or move them to another location. Various end-finishing and connecting panels are designed just for this purpose. Suppose in a year after you have opened, you realize that your dry bakery products are not selling. Not a problem. You can order any type of food display case or counter section to replace it with, built precisely and with the exact matching finish. Multi-unit operators find this a pleasant feature.
If it is even arguable that the beautiful designs, features and quality of Sifa products can be matched, the result surely wont be as beautiful or as pleasing to the eye. For the experienced and inexperienced operator alike, the cost for a modular layout in the big scope of things is relatively less than a custom made build-out, when figuring
labor and materials costs. And isnt your time worth something?
Sifa Sinthesi Company, Italy, is one of the most highly recognized and regarded manufacturers of modular foodservice equipment in the world.