New * sentinel 3600 7.5KW surge - reusable power supply


Subject: New * sentinel 3600 7.5KW surge - reusable power supply
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Sentinel 3600 7.5kW Surge Reusable Power Supply w/Batteries
The ultra-quiet Sentinel 3600 standby power supply seamlessly transfers home from grid power to its bank of backup batteries during an outage. Provides 7500 surge watts and 3600 running watts of 120V power at 30 Amps. Delivers instant, steady stream of power for appliances and computers for up to 72 hours. Prevents backfeeding into power grid. When power is restored, automatically switches back to main power and recharges batteries for next use (up to 1600 recharges). U.S.A. 2-year limited warranty.
* Backup power unit for power outages
* Produces 7500 surge watts, 3600 running watts
* Delivers steady power for up to 72 hours
* Can safely power appliances and computers
* Hardwired into home electrical system
* Can connect Sentinel to gas generator to recharge batteries during extended outages
* Can be installed anywhere in home
* Can be used as power source for remote locations
* Can also be used with solar power (requires solar regulator and solar panel)
* 41 1/2in.L x 36in.W x 15in.D
* Batteries Included** (Interstate U2200)
Maximum Output Voltage Regulation
Idler Consumption (Typical at Full Voltage)