New - sealcoating - hand agitated 550 gallon tank


Subject: New - sealcoating - hand agitated 550 gallon tank
NACsupply is your one stop asphalt maintenance supply shop. We manufacture our own brand of 300 and 550 gallon SEALER TANKS, as well as BRUSH BOXES and TAMPERS. Our fabricated products are designed with the applicator in mind, adding special features to make your job easier. Special features include : a unique lid design on all tanks to prevent sticking, tampers engineered to last (we provide a one year guarantee) and low profile brush boxes. We take pride in manufacturing the most durable equipment,with practical designs to benefit your company.
* Balanced split opposing paddles make our tanks one of the easiest to operate by hand.
* Unique self-locking & opening lid design gives you years of trouble free use.
* Headwalls - 10 gauge Carbon Steel.
* Sidewalls - 12 gauge Carbon Steel.
* 2" opening at top and bottom of tank.
* All tanks are coated with SW-Kem 400 red prime prior to painting.
* Gear Reduction (550 gallon tank only).
* 1-1/2" Reinforced Cold Rolled Steel Shaft will accept Hydraulic Motor Drive.