New screenprint printer textile machine equipment


Subject: New screenprint printer textile machine equipment
The PonyXprs PX-426 Printing System
Get on your horse and deliver the goods!
It's 2 units in 1: A printer and a dryer.
This system gives you the printing speed and dependable drying results necessary to produce the high profits due to professionals. The PonyXprs is a mobile multicolor printing/drying unit perfect for small spaces. This clever space saving design features a durable multicolor printer and a compact professional conveyor dryer.
The Prodigy Semi-Automatic textile press
* Easily adjustable height heater handles shirts, jackets, and hats.
* Dual Calrod heaters with a 3 year warranty.
* Adjustable temperature heat controls with light indicators.
* Crowned rollers for perfect belt tracking.
* Dual power cords for easy 120 volt installation.
* Hardened steel registration gate ensures perfect registration.
* Individual head off contact control.
* Optional and upgradeable rotary table for faster production.
* Accepts all standard Brown attachments to print jackets, hats, sleeves and numbers.
* Upgradeable print heads from 4 colors to 6.