New scotsman ice machine CME1356& BH1366 bin combo


Subject: New scotsman ice machine CME1356& BH1366 bin combo
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Scotsman CME1356 Ice Machine & BH1366 Bin Combo CME1356 & BH1300SS Many More Models Available Below - Manufacturer: Scotsman
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Scotsman CME1356 Ice Machine & BH1366 Bin Combo
CME1356 & BH1300SS Many More Models Available Below
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Ice Maker 48"W 1400LB Cubed Ice MachineAir or water Cooled
Ice Storage Bin 60"W 1030LB Stainless Steel NSF
The Scotsman CM3 is an extraordinary ice machine. It actually thinks for itself, allowing the CM3 to provide a greater amount of ice faster, more reliability and less expensively than any other machine in its class.
However the real benefit of the CM3 is that you'll always have ice. Because it constantly monitors key functions, the CM3 detects and resolves potential problems before they interfere with ice-making capability. And its reliability is backed by the best warranty in the business.
Add other benefits like its contemporary styled, stainless steel construction and quiet operation, and you'll see why operators around the world are making the Scotsman CM3 an overwhelmingly popular choice in the food service industry. This Ice machine has the following features :
* Production : Approximately 1400 lbs per 24 hrs
* Can be used with the following bins : BH900 or BH1666
* AutoIQ Control System monitors and controls the ice machines' functions to ensure consistent ice production and reduce operating costs. The AutoIQ controller also features easy-to-understand diagnostic lights that aid in troubleshooting and reduce service costs.
* CM3 Evaporator is a hot, tin dipped, molecularly bonded plate that has been field tested and proven 99.4% reliable over 5 years.
* Rust-free Polyethylene Base and Food Zone is insulated with 1-1/2" of foam which keeps water and food zone cool to reduce operating costs
* Adaptive harvest automatically adjusts for ambient temperature changes, reducing ice-making cycle times. The very fast ice recovery period reduces the need to purchase ice during peak periods.
* Auto Restart eliminates expensive service calls by automatically restarting the machines after sensing fluctuations in power and water utilities.
* 3 years parts and labor on all components.
* 5 years parts and labor on the CME evaporator.
* 5 years parts on the compressor and condensor.
* Lifetime Rust Free Food Zone Warranty.
BRAND NEW 740 pound capacity ice bin. The bin has a stainless steel finish with a polyethylene interior. It comes with top-hinged front opening door and is designed for top mounted ice makers.This ice bin has the following features :
* NSF Approved construction.
* Horizontal design : low profile, fits where ceilings are low
* Accepts one or more Modular Cubers, Flakers or Nugget Ice Makers.
* Bin storage capacity : 740 lbs
* Attractive stainless steel finish
* Polyethylene Liner is sanitary and easy to clean. Resists scratches and scuffs from ice scoops.
* Fully Insulated cabinet : Foam insulation is forced between the wall and liner under heat and pressure to form a perfect wall to wall bond thus preserving ice supply for long periods.
* Designed for top-mounted ice makers
This warranty is for the ice bin.
* 3 years parts and labor on all components.
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