New rhino 54 inch dirt roller


Subject: New rhino 54 inch dirt roller
mpact power. Productivity. Economy. Get the impact force and productivity of a large machine at a fraction of the cost. The Stone Rhino 54 brings you compaction specs that are right on the money. It's the only medium-size vibratory soil compactor that hits hard, moves fast, and turns tight.
* 12,000# centrifugal force.
* Special Positraction system and center-point articulating frame allow the frame to flex 35° and the drum to oscillate 9°.
Powerful compaction, great maneuverability, and high productivity combine to make the Stone Rhino the ruler in single drum vibratory soil compactors.
* Three sizes - 43", 54", 66" - smooth, padfoot and padfoot with a knock-down blade configuration.
* A Drum Conversion Kit is available for the Rhino 66 to convert the roller from a smooth drum to a padfoot drum.
* Two drum and tire styles to meet a wide variety of applications. Choose from padfoot drum and tractor-type tires or smooth drum and turf tires. Rhino 66 all models with compaction tire.
* Conveniently located controls maximize operator comfort and ease of operation.
* Serviceability that significantly lowers lifetime costs.
* Standard features include easy-to-monitor instrument gauges, special cab for safety and visibility, ROPS/FOPS protection, adjustable padded seat, arm rests and seat belts.
189" x 73" x 109" (480 x 186,06 x 278,3)
110 hp water-cooled Cummins (82,3)
Hydrostatic drive with Dana no spin differential axle
SD66X - 189" x 73.2" x 109" (480 x 186 x 278,5)
SD66XC - 189" x 73.2" x 109" (480 x 186 x 278,5)
110 hp water-cooled Cummins (82,3 kW)
Hydrostatic drive with Dana no spin differential axle
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