New ramsey COM3010 communications service monitor


Subject: New ramsey COM3010 communications service monitor
Ramsey COM3010 Communications Service Monitor NEW
The Value Packed Service Monitor
Full Duplex, Loaded With Features...At A Sensible Price!
* 100kHz to 1.0GHz, Full Duplex!
* Built-in Power Meter & Dummy Load!
* Built-In Frequency Counter!
* Built-In Calibrated RSSI Meter!
* Built-In Lithium Ion Battery Pack
In 1986 we introduced the COM3 Communications Service Monitor. Rivaling the performance and features of communications service monitors selling for $10K and more, the COM3 broke the $2,000 price barrier! For the very first time Ramsey Electronics made it economically possible for every service vehicle to have their own service monitor! From 1986 until 2003 the Ramsey COM3 became THE STANDARD for low cost, performance packed service monitors with over 5,000 of them put into operation throughout the 2-way radio, pager, and other communications industries.
That legacy continues today with the Ramsey COM3010. The COM3010 is our brand new, full duplex service monitor designed from the ground up to give you the best features available at a price that can t be beat! We asked the owners of those 5,000 COM3 s what they would like to see in a brand new Service Monitor. We took a long hard look at the competitive units available and came up with the best of both worlds! Some of the greatest features available in a service monitor today, at a fraction of the cost of competitive units!
The COM3010 is a full featured communications service monitor engineered and designed to provide highly accurate measurement and monitoring of communications equipment from 100kHz to 1.0GHz with 0.1ppm accuracy. Full duplex design enables independent and separate measurement and testing of transmitter and receiver circuits simultaneously making it the ideal service monitor for the radio technology of today...and tomorrow! All functions are selected with simple commands and selections on the Elastomeric touch keypad and are displayed on high contrast dual vacuum fluorescent graphical displays. And of course, battery operation is standard to make field use a breeze!
Perfect for the two way radio user. Simply key the transmitter while the radio is connected to the generator output for an instantaneous reading of RF output power in either watts or dBm. Yes, we said key the radio into the generator output! The COM3010 incorporates automatic reverse power protection rated at 100 watts with a built-in dummy load. No more burned up pads, no separate wattmeter, and no more worries.
Not sure of the radio frequency? Don t want to plug it into a programmer to interrogate the memory? Even worse, don t want to take it apart to look at the channel elements or crystals? No problem, just key the transmitter. The built-in frequency counter will display the frequency! RF counter range is 100 kHz to 1.0 GHz!
Working on a receiver? Check the true SINAD sensitivity of the receiver with the built-in SINAD meter. Also provides audio loop-back for the equipment being tested. A separate SINAD meter is no longer required.
The COM3010 receives and displays both AM and FM modulation for transmitter testing. The signal generator generates both AM and FM modulation with both internal and external sources. The built-in audio generator provides .1Hz to 3 kHz test tones, as well as both CTS and DPL encode tones.
One long-life Li-Ion battery pack is included to provide over one hour of operation. Two additional battery packs can be easily plugged into the rear compartment to triple the battery life.
2 vacuum fluorescent graphical displays, 16x140 pixels
100 sequences of 100 registers plus system memories
Linear, octave, and decade of up to 10,000 points
Allows scanning through a sequence of 100 stores
Displays reading from -30dB to 0dB of SINAD
Measures frequency error to 1Hz in three counter modes
Displays charge left in batteries
Generator output protected, switches into 100W internal load and automatically displays power in dBm or watts.
Displays power from +23dBm to +50dBm, ± .5dB (200mW-100W)
-30dB sample port from load for external equipment
80dB of range on receiver side, -40dBm to -120dBm
One-year parts and labor with extended Ramsey Technical Support and dedicated COM3010 user forum access
-140dBm to 0dBm in 0.1dBm steps
± 1dB, 500kHz to 1GHz, ±2dB 100kHz to 500kHz
Better than 1uV, 2 turn loop, 1" diameter at 1"
± 0.1ppm (inherently tied to reference frequency)
0 - 75% in 1% steps to -100dBm, 0-50% to -140dBm
0.1Hz - 3 kHz digital and analog selectable, auto leveling.
0.1Hz to 999.9Hz at ±.75kHz default deviation, variable from .1Hz to 2kHz deviation
100kHz to 1.0GHz in 10Hz steps
0-1MHz, two methods of bargraph and count
Less than 5mV under 50MHz, less than 10mV under 70MHz, 1Hz and 10Hz resolutions
Less than 6mV over 200MHz to 1.0GHz, less than 10mV 70MHz to 200MHz, 10Hz and 100Hz resolutions with divide by ten prescaler
Receiver sensitivity, range limited to bandwidth of current set receiver frequency ±10kHz, 1Hz, and 10Hz resolutions
10 Sec variable gate for 1 sec quick updates
35mV at demod audio, (± 750Hz deviation)
Has diode protection and fused components
100W 30dB feed-through attenuator with sample port on rear, 25% duty cycle full power
Serial interface provides external function control and automated calibration
100-240VAC, .6A, 50/60 Hz; built in Li-Ion battery
Bottom mounted tilt-bail stand included
110VAC EIA cord, BNC-BNC test cable, whip antenna, one BP3010 Li-Ion battery
6" H x 11.9375" W x 14.75" D (152.4mm H x 303.31mm W x 374.65mm D)
RAMSEY ELECTRONICS...For Over Three Decades!
At Ramsey Electronics your satisfaction is guaranteed! Test Equipment carries a full 1-year warranty. All assembled kits carry a full 1-year warranty. Kits carry a 90-day warranty on parts. You may examine any kit for 10 days, and return it (unassembled!) for a full refund!
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