New prefabricated commercial steel building 30X40X12


Subject: New prefabricated commercial steel building 30X40X12
The ultimate in general purpose and preengineered metal buildings
Because of their faster construction, strength, versatility, and reduced costs, steel buildings offer an attractive alternative to traditional wood buildings.
Our steel buildings can withstand insects, fire, earthquakes and hurricanes. They are built to last a lifetime, using only the strongest steel.
Width: 30' Length: 40' Height: 12' Roof Slope: 1:12
Live Load: 21# Wind Load: 90 mph Ground Snow: 30# Collateral Load:1
Bldg Code: IBC Year: 2003 Seismac Load: 1 Exposure: B
Doors: (1) 3070 Commercial Steel Weatherstripped Entry Door.
Framed Openings: (1) 10'x10"
Comes with easy to read manual and blue prints making a no hassle erection process.
Other accessories may be available, please inquire for more information.