New port PM500-C6 precision three axis motion system


Subject: New port PM500-C6 precision three axis motion system
PM500-C6 High Precision Motion System
Provides 3 Axes of Motion with 100 nm Repeatability
GPIB, RS-232, and Manual Control Capabilities
Includes three PM500-4L.100 100mm-travel translation stages with 0.1 micron resolution, incremental motion, and bi-directional repeatability; PM500-C6 6-axis controller (3 axes populated) with GPIB (IEEE-488) and 9600 baud RS-232 interfaces; PM500-K6 manual remote control console, 328-page Operation and Command Reference manual, and three PM500-L16 cables for three axes of motion.
The PM500-C6 is a specialized high-performance rack-mountable motion controller/driver incorporating analog and digital servos specifically designed and tuned for Newports PM500 Series ultra-precision motion devices. The controller incorporates a distributed processor architecture with a central CPU and dedicated motion processors on each axis card. With the PM500-C6, all Newport PM500 devices are plug and play. Every controller and stage system is delivered as a pre-matched set with factory tuning and burn-in of each axis to ensure high reliability and nanometer class performance. All of the stage configuration information and servo tuning values are preset in the controllers non-volatile memory. This unit has the base module as well as modules installed in the X, Y, and Z slots. The PM500-4L.100 stages have large area crossed-roller bearings, very low friction lead screws, and glass scale encoders with 0.1 micron resolution. Each stage incorporates a DC motor, DC tachometer, and a position encoder.
PM500 stages may be used in cleanrooms with no midifications down to Class 0.1 where particulate contamination is a concern. All that's required is a normal cleanroom-preparation procedure. Not compatible with vacuum due to lubricant outgassing.
This PM500 system is the predecessor to Newport's GTS linear motion stages and XPS-C6 controller and XPS-RC Remote Control.
New price for equivalent GTS system: $25,135 = (GTS70) 3x$5550 + (XPS-C6) $6110 + (XPS-DRV01) 3x$500 + (XPS-RC) $875.