New port PM500-C6 precision motion controller PM500-c


Subject: New port PM500-C6 precision motion controller PM500-c
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The PM500-C6 is a specialized high-performance rack-mountable motion controller/driver incorporating analog and digital servos specifically designed and tuned for Newports PM500 Series ultra-precision motion devices. The controller incorporates a distributed processor architecture with a central CPU and dedicated motion processors on each axis card.
With the PM500-C6, all Newport PM500 devices are plug and play. Every controller and stage system is delivered as a pre-matched set with factory tuning and burn-in of each axis to ensure high reliability and nanometer class performance. All of the stage configuration information and servo tuning values are preset in the controllers non-volatile memory.
This unit has the base module as well as modules installed in the X, Y, Z, A, B, and C slot. The cards are labeled PMA11165, PMA11221, PMA11130, PMA11132, PMA109446, and PMA11049.
This unit has the following specifications:
* Intel 80186 CPU @ 10 MHz with distributed 80186 motion processors on each axis
* Proprietary DSP control algorithm stored in PROM
* Proprietary move profile allows for smallest incremental motions
* Synchronized and non-synchronized point-to-point
* Operating Modes: Real-time command execution via computer interfaces
* IEEE-488 optimized for throughput
* RS-232-C up to 9600 baud
This unit works with the following devices:
* PM500-LW Series Ultra-Precision Long Travel Linear Stages
* PM500-L Series Ultra-Precision Linear Stages
* PM500-IL/IV Series Ultra-Precision Compact Linear Stages
* PM500-360 Series Ultra-Precision Rotation Stages
* PM500-33LR Series Ultra-Precision XYtheta Stages
* PM500-1A Ultra-Precision Motorized Actuator
This unit has slight damage to the fan housing, but the fan is still fully functional. is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA.
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