New port MM4006 8-axis high-perfor motion controller


Subject: New port MM4006 8-axis high-perfor motion controller
Newport MM4006 8-Axis High-Perfor Motion Controller
6 X E2392A Option #7A (CMA-CCCL)
1 X E2372A option #62 (UE1700CC)
* 1?8 Axes Motion Controller/Driver
* 80-Bit Math Ensures Highest Precision
* 2D Contouring for Complex Motion
* 4 Channel Analog Input for Data and Position Acquisitions
* Synchronizes External Functions With the Executed Motion
* Extensive Command Set Including Variables and Loops
The Newport MM4006 is a high-performance, integrated Motion controller and driver offering outstanding trajectory accuracy and exceptional programming functionality. It combines simplicity of operation with advanced features to precisely control the most diverse displacement and synchronize them via measurement, command, or external acquisition strings. Supplying 500 W of motor drive power, the MM4006 can simultaneously handle up to eight axes of motion using any combination of Newport?s motorized products in DC or stepper motor variants (except PM500 series).
Designed with upward migration in mind, the MM4006 uses an 80-bit floating point, 133 MHz microprocessor for highest resolution computation. A digital PID-FF (feedforward) servo loop updates all axes with a cycle time of 300 µs for precise velocity profile tracking and most accurate positioning (500 µs cycle time for 5-8 axes). Smoothest motion is supported by a precision 16-bit DC motor command output. Low-noise PWM amplifiers are performance optimized for each individual stage and contain additional protection circuitry to improve security of your equipment. Each MM4006 is factory configured and tested to ensure highest reliability for your most demanding motion application.
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