New pinnacle accuris power sharp 16 laser engraver 30W


Subject: New pinnacle accuris power sharp 16 laser engraver 30W
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Accuris PowerSHARP Laser Engraver
Re-Imagined from the Inside Out
For those professionals who need accuracy, performance, and service, we present the Pinnacle Accuris laser engraver program. Re-imagined from the inside out, the Accuris is a daring combination of precision and design with innovative support. The result: a truly ground-breaking laser engraver that exceeds expectations.
A smartly-sized work area that's just right. The 25.98" x 19.48" dimensions accommodate most engraving jobs yet make the most of your office and production space. A high precision motion system design ensures quality engraving and throughput. The Accuris PowerSHARP even has built-in lighting. How intelligent!
Operational modes include raster engraving, vector cutting and spot drilling. Optional rotary attachment, vector cutting table, and rubber stamp feature means there is no need to turn down challenging projects. Instead, step into new marketplaces!
Want ultimate control at your fingertips? Then you just can't do without the Accuris PowerSHARP's comprehensive LCD control panel. It makes adjustments simple and keeps you on top of the production cycle. With all that information at your disposal, you might believe the Accuris is almost thinking for you!
LCD panel output information such as current file name, laser power, engraving speed, run time, files loaded into memory buffer, and a setup and diagnostic menu makes the Accuris PowerSHARP so clever.
In addition, the standard 64 MB memory buffer makes it possible to load large image sizes or multiple files without the worry of losing critical data. Smart!
* Accuris Laser Engraver PowerSHARP 16 complete system with auto focus
All this plus Life-Time Tech Support. Best deal on the market - period!
25.98" (L) x 19.48" (W) x 9" (H)
[660 (L) x 495 (W) mm] x 228mm (H)
Adjustable distance up to 9.0"
[640 (L) x 609.6" (W) mm x 228 (H) mm]
Standard 64MB, stores up to 99 files with all settings
Windows compatible CAD, or graphics software
There are lots of reasons why. Read about our experience,commitment and support.
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Most laser engravers on the market today rate their performance by how many watts they generate. But is this the only output measurement with which to compare? No. All watts are not created the same. Performance also depends on a lasers effective power emulation. More effective power emulation (EPE) means that watt for watt; you can engrave and cut faster, sharper, deeper and cleaner.
The Accuris PowerSHARP laser engraver with M² has more effective power emulation or EPE. M² is an exclusive engineering feature that virtually doubles your lasering capability. Other laser engravers may boast how many watts they have but with the Accuris PowerSHARP and M², each watt has more EPE. Experience that all watts are not the same and that the Accuris is truly re-imagined... from the inside out!
Powerful, high speed motors used for precise repeatability Laser lens assembly on main gantry Drop down panel for easy serviceability Laser tube top mounted for greater efficiency Easy to open shock absorbing lid Rotary attachment tool for engraving round objects Ethernet & parallel interface included High performance, air assist
cutting head Rotary attachment tool for engraving glass High quality components Easy to use control panel High resolution fields accurate detail Guaranteed Low Prices!
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