New photovac 2020PRO photoionization detector 11% off


Subject: New photovac 2020PRO photoionization detector 11% off
Photovac 2020PRO Photo-Ionization Detector (PID)
The 2020 PRO uses photoionization, the technology of choice for detecting VOCs. The 2020 PRO is equipped standard with a 10.6 eV UV lamp, and has an optional 11.7 eV UV lamp for ionizing chlorinated compounds. The UV lamp is easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. Operating concentration range is 0.1-2000 PPM or use the optional dilution probe to detect up to 20,000 PPM. The Photovac photoionization detector is humidity-compensated so you can rely on the results.
A new ergonomic design with textured grip and large keys makes the 2020PRO easy to carry and use, even while wearing triple-layer gloves. The new backlit display is easy to read with large font. All information is clearly displayed on a single 6-line display just like a personal data assistant (PDA).
Photovac 2020PRO w/10.6eV lamp
10 hour rechargeable battery pack
115V AC adapter, 6.7 in. (17cm)
Teflon sample probe with spring relief
10 Fluoropore membrane filters, adjustable wrist strap
User reference card & user manual.
Optional Accessories (call for prices):
Calibration Gas: 100ppm Isobutylene - 17L Bottle
Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)
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